Review: Annabelle, Creation




I thought this was a really empty and simplistic film but it has some very frightening situations and imagery that actually made it a little difficult for me to sleep the night after I watched it. The plot of the film is very simple. A couple loses their young daughter Annabelle in a tragic car accident. Afterwards, they start seeing what seems to be a ghost of Annabelle around the home. At first, the couple welcomes the ghost. The ghost wants to enter a creepy-looking doll. Soon, the couple realizes that the ghost is not really Annabelle but a demonic spirit.

The couple takes in a large group of young girls who happen to be orphans, along with the nun who takes care of them. The girls find their way into the room where the doll is kept. The couple has locked the doll in a small closet covered with pages from the Bible in order subdue the evil spirit within. One of the orphans removes the doll and the evil spirit is let loose on the home again.

It’s a very nasty spirit. There are series of scenes with various characters who are caught in the home alone, and the spirit emerges to attack them. This is all the film really amounts to. It’s good for some thrills but has no content.

I did notice some embarrassing errors. In one scene, a girl is giving a formal confession to a nun. In the Catholic tradition, this is not supposed to take place. You can go to a nun for counsel but a nun cannot provide confession. Also, at one point the nun begins to pray to ward off the evil spirit, and uses Spanish. I found it strange that the nun did not use Latin.


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