Book Review: Obama’s America


Well-known conservative Christian commentator Dinesh D’Souza wrote this book during the 2012 presidential election when Barack Obama ran for a second term against Mitt Romney. This book shows D’Souza’s ability to communicate complex ideas in a crystal clear way. He has a very fluid and transparent writing style, and I breezed through this book. D’Souza builds intrigue as tries to account for Barack Obama’s actions as president during the years 2008-2012, his first term. Why does he try to stop oil drilling in America, which would produce thousands of jobs and help us to shake our dependence on foreign oil, and yet support efforts to drill oil in foreign countries like Brazil and Colombia? And why is he selective about supporting different political movements in the Middle East? For instance, he was invested in supported the revolution in Egypt against Mubarak, but reserved when it came to the protests in Iran. The revolution in Egypt led to the rise of the Muslim brotherhood, an organization many think ought to be classified as a terrorist organization.

D’Souza advances a theory that he compellingly tests against the evidence. Obama is not a bumbling leader, nor is he a traditional liberal. Obama got his ideology from key figures in his past, most notably his father. His father once wrote an article in which he floated the idea of a one hundred percent income tax. In America, Obama found mentors in academia such as anti-Israeli writer Edward Said, former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, and other key figures like pastor Jeremiah Wright and Saul Alinsky. These people all contributed to an anti-colonial ideology. This ideology sees Western expansion as an exploitative effort to plunder third world countries of their wealth. Since colonial governments such as America and the U.K. made their wealth on the backs of the third world, it is incumbent on the colonial government to pay the third world back. Why did Obama remove the bust of Winston Churchhill from the Whitehouse? Because, in addition to Churchhill’s courageous stand against the Nazis, he also was a big proponent of British colonialism in Africa, where Obama has ancestral roots. So, for Obama, what is good for America is a diminishment of its greatness. To achieve a more level global playing field, Obama massively increased the regulatory powers of the federal government, taking over health insurance and the financial sector in the form of the ACA and the Dodd-Frank act respectively. He also has unprecedented spending habits that drive up the national debt so that we are beholden to Chinese banks and other foreign lenders. Obama has also been a champion of the global zero movement, which seeks nuclear disarmament and weakens our international standing.

This book provides an important corrective to a worshipful media that many times has uncritically portrayed Obama as a political hero. I think that few people understand who this man really is and what his legacy amounts to. He was a skilled orator who was able to inspire the confidence of millions of Americans. But, if Americans really knew him, would they have voted for him?



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